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We have developed ‘The Rocket Launcher’, which is suitable for established businesses that are looking for a boost when launching a new product or concept, but it also for businesses that are not yet even on the launch pad! The Rocket Launcher is designed to uncover the true value of your business with a strategic, five-stage plan that custom-tailors the perfect message to deliver to your target demographic.

Cosmic – Helping you to sell more to your existing clients

The Cosmic Rocket Launcher is a business development blueprint to help you to sell more of your product, concept or services to more of your existing customers.

Step 1
Create a clear plan/strategy to keep on track
Step 2
Brand and corporate identity development
Step 3
Consistent content that is engaging and of a high standard
Step 4
Using the correct marketing communication channels
Step 5
Generate an effective and measurable campaign

Step 1

Creating a plan/strategy

This first stage is a comprehensive consultation that will be run by Richard Crawford-Small, our Founder and award-winning consultant. Richard will carry out an ‘ORBIT Analysis’, which is designed to capture: Objectives, Resources, Buy-in, Implementation and Timeline, Testing and Deliverables. The content within this assessment will act as the fundamental foundation for every consecutive stage within the Cosmic Rocket Launcher, and will determine a simple, tried and tested plan that will be well executed by our expert team.

The Orbit Process

Clearly defined understanding of where you want to be, the greater objective can be broken down into smaller manageable targets
The tools that enable you to take action and make the plan a reality and so keep moving toward the goal
Buy-in is when full commitment toward the objectives is given
This can feel like taking a step into the unknown, only by implementing can measurements be made
Timeline, Testing and Deliverables.
As part of the plan timelines ill be implemented. With deadlines in place we can monitor and change accordingly

Maintaining momentum

Having worked with many clinicians the one thing that I have noticed is that momentum can be lost, and when this happens change cannot take place at a pace that generates enthusiasm to feed activity and so a negative spiral can occur. Cosmic is designed to help keep momentum and that drive and energy feeds toward the best a business can be. That drive and enthusiasm is infectious.

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Step 2

A coherent brand

Once the clear plan is determined, it is time to hand over to Russell Turner, our fantastic Creative Designer. Russ has many years’ experience in creating well-defined and coherent branding. Through pack-typing techniques, Russ will help you to uncover your hidden value and achieve a brand that fits with you and your business emotionally, physically and spiritually. He will help you identify your ideal customers and create profiles that ill help define focused messaging as we move through the Rocket Launcher process.

The Branding Process

Brand profiling
Revealing the DNA of your brand helps to build an understanding of your value proposition
Customer shoes
Exploring how your customers feel when they interact with your business
Understanding what unique aspirations and vulnerabilities drive your target audience
Customer profiles
Identifying each or the customer profiles so that messaging can be tailored


Creativity is something that we as human beings have a natural aptitude for, this however, can be buried beneath the need to excel at so many things when you embark upon a new business venture. I try to encourage business owners to recognise that because they do not paint or draw that they have a creativity that they can tap into and that they can surprise themselves. Sometimes all it requires is an open mind.

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Brand Image and Brand Identity
Logo Design
The true value of a logo
Emotional triggers
The shortcuts to a desired response
Building connection
The seven stages of connectivity

Step 3

Consistent, quality content

After the branding stage, it’s time to work on your content. Ruth Zawoda is our Content and Campaign Consultant, and has heaps of experience in creating fresh, original and relevant content in the form of website copy and blog articles. At this time, with the help of the whole team, we will also assess your other content tools such as imagery and video content if this is relevant to your campaign. By the time you finish this stage, your microsite and campaign content will be complete.

Content creation

Graphic content
With the rest of the team we will select the most appropriate photographs and graphics for your content
Written Content
Content that is not only written to be engaging and to communicate a core message but is also checked for SEO and readability
Video content
Ensuring that videos are on brand, tell a story and have a purpose. Videos are incredibly powerful tools and with transcripts can boost recognition

Content creation

We all have something to say but sometimes getting that down on paper can be difficult. Making content engaging is about being able to grab someone’s attention, relate to them, intrigue them and direct them to the point where their curiosity can be satisfied. Once satisfied you can take that relationship to the next level which usually involves closing a sale or a customer making a reservation. Although it may sound simple – it’s not always easy.

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Step 4

The correct channels

It’s all very well having the right content, but if you don’t know how to broadcast it correctly then you are just fighting a losing battle and completely wasting your time! We will help you to focus, choose the right channels for your content, and devise a plan to help you own these channels and be sure that your content is reaching the right people in the places where they are most engaged.

The right channels

There are so many channels that you can choose from and to even try to cover all of them would be an impossible task unless you have a team dedicated to social media interaction 24-7. The key to success is finding the channels that works for you, those that you can take ownership of and dominate.

Facebook is a huge and very broad social media tool and we can help target its users
Twitter can be a minefield of missed opportunities and wasted time. We will help provide on brand messaging
Pinterest is a great way of sharing not only images but a great way of delivering solutions that help build trust
Arguably the favourite for before and after photographs within the sector, so making sure you have the right following counts
The fact that Google own YouTube makes it a must. The ability to have multiple channels under one account a no-brainer for targeting
A tool that really helps to place yourself among the business community and stay in touch with current trends

Which channel?

Now within seconds we can potentially broadcast to the entire world. All you need is a smart device, an internet connection and you will be able to reach millions of people in an instant – right? Wrong. Broadcasting to millions sounds great but you first of all need to be broadcasting something that people are going to be interested in and secondly you need to be on the platforms on which your ideal customer is!

I need a campaign

Step 5

An effective campaign

Once we have chosen the right channels for broadcast, we can get to work on your campaign. We will help you to determine a clear target and objective for the campaign, segment your database accordingly, and then run your campaign throughout the entire management process. This service will include advert designs, landing pages and thank you pages to make the reporting process as accurate as possible.

The marketing mix

The marketing mix is a fairly defined model but within the activity of promoting we find the elements that can lead to great campaigns. The Communications mix. We call it the marcomms matrix because we mix it up and this allows us to create bespoke solutions for our clients. This creates almost endless possibilities and can be integrated into may of the new ways of delivering the campaigns.

The Marketing mix
Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People, Physical evidence, Process
Communications mix
Selling, advertising, Sales promotion, DM, Publicity, Sponsorship, Exhibitions, Packaging, POS, Internet, WOM, Corporate ID

Mix it up!